Usable Data

UNA Account Snapshotting

Superchain Network has partnered with UNA, the Web3 Recovery OS, in order to provide them with Usable Data across multiple chains.

An image showcasing the partnership between DeFi Saver and Superchain Network

Key Points


Superchain Network partners with UNA to build a dataset snapshotting mechanism  for UNA’s Recovery OS.

What is UNA?

UNA is Web3’s Recovery OS and is able to provide snapshots at the exact moment of a protocol exploit

Long process

Snapshotting takes weeks even with a team of highly skilled chain engineers ... Not anymore!


Toolboxes built on Superchain Network can be used to build granular level datasets of protocol state changes

The UNA case study explained further

An image highlighting the partnership announcement of DeFi Saver and Superchain Network
Superchain Network and UNA have partnered in order to solve the issue of account recovery solving a critical area of concern for both users and protocols.In the event of a protocol exploit, a token recovery strategy needs to be implemented with an accurate dataset from a very specific point in time.

Given that tokens are distributed across protocols, token balances for a users address cannot simply be read.Combine this with the millions of state changes across protocols and chains as well as the limitations of current indexing solutions and RPC and no effective solution presents itself.

By utilising Superchain Network’s toolboxes, this data can be accessed immediately. Toolboxes are designed and used for the purpose of building and accessing granular datasets of protocol state changes.

Irrespective of when the toolbox was built, either before or after the exploitation event, the event data can be accessed immediately, providing verifiable data within seconds as opposed to weeks. This data can be used to for either insurance claims or as support for community proposals for recovery.

Superchain Network has partnered with Una in order to build a mechanism that rapidly improves the process of access to onchain datasets for their Recovery OS snapshots, solving an enormous problem rebuilding communities and trust in crypto.