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Web3 data is broken

Most indexes today are closed, siloed, or centralised, which leads to an unacceptable developer experience and users suffer. Specifically, we face:

High Latency 

Latency for queries today is unacceptable. Some offer data in seconds, whereas others in hundreds of milliseconds. When it takes this long to load a dApp users switch off. 

Aggregated Data

Indexes usually aggregate data to improve performance and operational experience. But this is far from ideal for many use cases because users miss valuable data.

How Superchain works

Shift in mindset

Superchain's solution offers a shift in mindset from "Web2" centralised architectures to "Web3" decentralised architecture. Data indexes from Superchain are pushed out to users benefitting from low latency performance by processing locally.

Consistent and granular model

Superchain unifies data into a consistent and granular model, rather than simply aggregating it due to the limitations of centralised architecture. This allows data to be fast, customisable and decentralised

Storage and Streaming

Superchain has its own customised data storage platform and streaming capabilities. Developers interact with the indices via an SDK for on-the-wire speeds that avoid the use of slow presentation layers.

Designed around users

Superchain’s aim is to realise a fully decentralized data protocol designed around users, rather than computer limitations.
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What others say about us

“Premier Open Index Protocol”

"Superchain’s technology and focus on toolboxes positions it as the premier Open Index Protocol. Both James and Max have a steadfast vision of how an open, fast, and decentralized index protocol will win - which we are deeply aligned with."
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Kinjal Shah
GP at Blockchain Capital

“Highly performant technology”

“The ability to make blockchain data increasingly available and useful through contextualisation, consistency, and reliable accessibility, is what sets Superchain apart from other data providers. Their highly performant technology stack is a great showcase of the technical chops of the team.”

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Maven 11 Capital

“An evolution on RPC”

"Maintaining the DeFi Explore portal meant we'd have to go back and refetch all historical block data every time we did an upgrade. Superchain turned this process from a two-day affair into a 10-minute task. It definitely feels like an evolution of the RPC node in that regard."

Nikola Vokovic - Frontend/UX Lead @ Defi Saver
Nikola Vuković
Frontend/UX Lead at DeFi Saver