Meet the team

James Corbett
Founder & CEO
James is Founder and CEO of Superchain Network. He has a history of delivering blockchain projects to production, including trading platforms, merchant scale wallets, validators and other key blockchain infrastructure. Through that journey he has identified key issues in the user and developer experience for public blockchains. His focus is building core Web3 infrastructure.
Maxim Legg
Founder & CTO
Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Superchain. Max is an innovative leader driving the technical vision to achieve Superchains mission: The Open Index Protocol. Passionate about creating decentralised applications having already built key infrastructure pieces and founding a mining pool and validator.
Jamie McDonaugh
Head of Business Developement
Jamie bought his first Bitcoin in 2014 and was a founder investor in KR1 in 2016 as well as early NFT projects in 2018. He worked as a digital assets analyst before joining Superchain in early 2022. He studied at Oxford University for his BA (2000), The Courtauld Institute for his MA (2003) and went on to found an award winning travel company building it to $4m in annual sales. He completed the ‘Economics of Blockchain & Digital Assets’ course at Wharton Business School in 2022.