Usable Data

Financial Reporting

Superchain Network and Stratom partnered to revolutionise financial reporting on crypto assets turning an arduous task into an enjoyable one thanks to usable data.

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Key Points

Customisable Reporting

Superchain Network enabled Stratom to create bespoke reports, defining precise data and metadata formats tailored to their accounting needs.

Automation of Data Collection

The integration reduced manual data entry by automating transaction capture, making blockchain technology more accessible.


Stratom saw significant reductions in manual labor and improved accounting processes through Superchain Network's automation and customization.

Seamless Web2 Integration

Integration with tools like Google Sheets enabled effortless data manipulation and report enhancement, using familiar spreadsheet skills.

Stratom Case Study Explained

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Stratom, a leading accounting and tax advisory firm specialising in the UK taxation of cryptoassets, faced significant challenges in capturing and managing crypto transactions for accurate financial reporting.

The integration of Superchain Network’s Account Reporting technology has provided a comprehensive solution, streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency in Stratom’s accounting practices. Before Superchain Network, Stratom wrestled with the complexity of recording transactions across multiple corporate crypto wallets and exchanges.

The imperative for a secure, reliable, and comprehensive data management system was paramount to overcome losses, inaccuracies, and the extensive manual labor required by traditional accounting methods.

Superchain Network offered a custom solution tailored specifically to meet Stratom's challenges:

One of the most transformative features of Superchain Network's solution was its seamless integration with Web2 technologies, particularly Google Sheets. This integration facilitated effortless data manipulation and report enhancement, leveraging familiar spreadsheet skills that most finance professionals already possess.

Furthermore, Superchain's adept handling of complex transactions, such as swaps and multi-transfers across multiple wallets, streamlined what had previously been cumbersome and time-intensive processes.

The implementation of Superchain Network has resulted in substantial improvements for Stratom:

Through the automation of data collection and reporting, Superchain significantly reduced the labor required for accounting tasks, while the precision in transaction data capture and management was enhanced, minimising the risk of errors and inaccuracies.

The easy integration with Google Sheets and other Web2 technologies has assisted in financial reporting by providing flexibility to scale operations and adapt to evolving financial reporting needs. This marked a significant leap forward in Stratom’s approach to cryptocurrency accounting, setting a new industry standard for efficiency and accuracy.

Superchain Network has fundamentally transformed how Stratom manages and reports on cryptocurrency transactions. By leveraging automation, customisation, and innovative integration with Web2 technologies like Google Sheets, Superchain Network has delivered a groundbreaking solution.

This not only addresses the unique challenges of crypto accounting but also heralds a new era of making advanced accounting practices accessible to a wider range of professionals and organisations.