Usable Data

The Evolution of RPC

Superchain Network has partnered with DeFi Saver in order to provide them with the evolution of RPC.




Hours into minutes
An image showcasing the partnership between DeFi Saver and Superchain Network

Key Points

Cost Saving

DeFi Saver was able to enjoy significant savings on RPC fees thanks to Superchain Networks immersive data.


1.5 hours of processing time was reduced to 1.5mins, increasing efficiency 60x.


Unreliable process needing human babysitter for 2 days. No more human needed as the process reliable.

Ease of Use

The integration process took only 15 minutes thanks to a great developer experience.

DeFi Saver Case Study Explained

An image highlighting the partnership announcement of DeFi Saver and Superchain Network
Superchain Network is delighted to announce a significant enhancement in DeFi Saver's data processing capabilities, enabling a 60x increase in efficiency. DeFi Saver acknowledges that partnering with Superchain Network marks a substantial improvement over traditional RPCs.

Let's examine in detail the specific challenges DeFi Saver faced and how Superchain Network provided the solutions. DeFi Saver offers an interface for Liquity Troves powered by an indexer, allowing you to exchange ETH for for the algorithmic stable coin, LUSD.

However, in managing this service, DeFi Saver encountered two primary issues in the ingestion of substantial historical data:
Superchain Network addressed these issues with immersive data by combining siloed datasets in a way that provided useable data immediately. When we alleviated this friction we massively reduced the processing time DeFi Saver encountered allowing for a far superior developer experience - delivering the data for all Liquity Troves (loan positions) in 1.5 minutes.

By being easy to integrate it only took DeFi Saver 15mins to integrate Superchain Network into there existing stack.This immersive data is pivotal for the user experience. In the case of DeFi Saver, a process 1.5 hours now takes just 1.5 minutes – a 60x increase in speed. This efficiency turns what was once an unreliable task needing two days of developer time into a mere 1.5 minute automated task while saving significantly on RPC fees.

This case study is one among many that illustrates how Superchain Network's data services can expedite application development and enhance data usability. We invite you to contact Superchain Network to learn more about our solutions for your on-chain data needs.